Cute things: Cute things are cute, what else can be said. 

Retro computing: I think this website is all that needs to be said on this subject.  Of course, this doesn't just mean windows as the other oses at the time are fair game as well.

Low quality samples: Doesn't matter how it's handed out as midi patches, mod files, or whatever else.  Nothing beats the (lack of) sound.   Try A Secret Wish by Propaganda

Tracker files: Got to mention this specifically as it's also rad, esp. when it's used to make jungle or the like.

Gran Turismo 2: It's a good game, with an equally cool soundtrack.  There's nothing like turning an ecobox into a race winning race car.

V A P O R W A V E: I'm a legit sucker for city pop and legit elevator/mood music, and equally a sucker for it being made again.  Eccojams and the rest of Floral Shoppe are a good starting point (yes there's more to that album than that one song everyone copied over and over again because it was the 10's version of 10cc's I'm Not In Love.)

Euro Truck Sim 2: SCS perfected the formula for a chill driving game to beginners, but can pose a challenge when you really want to it.  Try the multiplayer, although you'd need a lot of cash to avoid the poor driving.

Backend equipment: I just find it really interesting, stuff like the weatherstar and general equipment along the path from stage to television.

User interfaces: Also goes along with the above, complete with the lack of an explanation for it.


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