No childrens zone

I've made quite a few  risqué things, all of which you can check out here:


some toyle fanfic thing (pt 1, 2) - Unfinished short story about Toyle from Floraverse reporting on a turf tiger war.
The swift dickening - A shady doctor meets with a patient.
hoisted by your own petard - Pride spices up a business conference.
untitled robo thing - What if, robot parts were connected at all times?
Juicey9 - (CW: robofrick, real shit talk) heeeey i found some 17776 fan fiction on this html i promise its the real deal
The "Holy Site" Pt1 - (CW: sleep frick) Cozmo wanders into a strip club, neon get frazzled.
The Long Night - Lottie and Digby do the frick before putting on the ring.

Digital Entertainment:

Coda: A HyperCard Adventure - A text type adventure for both modern web browsers and HyperCard(C).  Plenty of kinks and hot sexy action await you.  Yes, I seriously made something in HyperCard in 2017.

caff made this 2017

your web toaster should render this correctly