Stuff I made

I've made quite a few things, all of which you can check out here:


Ballad of Freya (Pt 1, 2, 3a) - Unfinished multi-part short story from 2016 about a bird with a mysterious past.
Indigogh's Night Out - (Electrum) Indigogh finds some inspiration.

Digital Entertainment:

The Contract - Made for Floraverse Itchy Itchy prompt, it was to never be as the AI didn't behave properly and the plans were scrapped for something with a smaller scope.
Space Trucking - A game where you trade goods for big cash, left unfinished and without much of the original plans of recreating Crosscountry ____ games, edutainment trucking "simulator."
Cards done Quick - A game where you try to beat the AI in donations and hype by playing your runner cards wisely.  Stay for silly runner/game names and go for the high score (there is no high score menu.)  I should rebalance the cards, right now it's more mario party luck than anything else.
Toyle's day off - Go grocery shopping as Toyle, and expirence the world.

I'm an adult, show me the good stuff.

caff made this 2017

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